Drones: Top Application Areas

In the last few years, we have witnessed a rapid increase in their popularity which is not a surprise because modern drones come with some amazing features. Even though most people use drones for fun, the fact is that they are often used for specific work. In this article, we will discuss some of the top application areas for drones and how people are already making money with their drones.


Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial Surveying

One of the things that make drones special is the fact that they can fly over any kind of terrain. This means that they can easily reach isolated and difficult to access mountain tops, coastlines or any other areas of this type and collect HD data. So, aerial surveying is one way to use drones for work.

Disaster Relief

As we said before, thanks to drones, people can gather data and information without any hassles. After any kind of disaster, rescue teams can use drones to fly over debris and assess the level of damage. They have high-quality cameras that allow users to zoom in and out whenever it is necessary from a safe distance.



Drones are already being used to deliver medicines, letters, pizzas, small parcels, drinks etc. Of course, there are some issues with this type of drone use (authorities are still not sure whether they should allow this kind of delivery), but some companies like Amazon and DHL have already used them for this purpose. If there is no strict regulation, people can definitely try to monetize this service.


Drones are already used in filmmaking. Game of Thrones, Narcos, The Wolf of Wall Street – these are just some of the TV shows and movies where the most spectacular scenes were captured thanks to drones. Without any doubt that they are a better option compared to helicopters.

Pipeline and electrical line inspection

With the help of drones, you can get better access to real-time, HD visual inspection of pipelines, electrical lines, wind turbines and similar structures. This job is especially easy and simple when professionals use special small drones.

Real estate

Using drones in the real estate industry can be very profitable. Namely, more and more people are providing their services to property owners and real estate agents that want to accelerate sales. They use their drones to create real estate videos and photos which are later used in real estate marketing. Drones can also take 360 area shots.

Resort and hotel advertising

Instead of using small planes or helicopters, hotel and resort owners can now use drone services for aerial photography and video. With drones, business owners can check the footage from the ground and choose the best angles and direct the shoot in any way they want.


Sporting events

In the recent period, a lot of individuals and companies are making money with drones by filming sporting events. Many drones allow live coverage of these events and the teams that participate find this option good for their exposure. Obviously, small companies and individuals are making deals with low-ranking leagues because true professionals are covered by professional news stations.

In addition to these areas, drones are also used in search and rescue missions, security, construction and inspection, wedding videography/photography etc. There is no doubt that the use of drone can be turned into a profitable business.


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