The Drone world has grown so much in such a short time span that its very difficult to keep up with whats hot and whats not. Well let me give you a hand. No matter the experience level, its always nice to get different opinions on which is the best, and here is mine.

Here are the best drones for 2017 in my opinion based off of 3 simple criteria – Price, Features, and Flight Capabilities.

1 – DJI Phantom 4

Why is the Phantom 4 top of the list? Well, its not surprising that the Phantom has been the leader in the drone world. It appeals to both novice and experienced pilots because of 3 simple features – reliable flight capability, beautiful footage, and overall build quality, and this model raised the bar.

If you are just stepping into the drone world and are afraid of crashing your investment, have no fear! obstacle avoidance makes it pretty difficult for the pilot to crash the drone. Unless of course you really want to (i highly recommend NOT doing that). I still suggest watching training videos and getting familiar with the controls before you decide you want to zig zag through the jungle, but its always good to know you’ve got a drone that wont crash and burn on first flight.

For the more advanced pilots, DJI has stated that the Phantom 4 is 5 times more stable than the 3. That means smoother footage even in slightly windy conditions. So if you thought the Phantom 3 had nice footage, wait till you get your hands on this one.

2 – DJI Phantom 3

Coming in second is the Phantom 4’s predecessor.

I highly recommend the professional version to anybody wanting to get their hands on a drone for the first time. you will not be disappointed. If you haven’t read anything about the Phantom series let me give you a quick run down. There are 4 versions in the series – The standard, 4K, Advanced and Professional.

The Phantom 3 Standard is great for beginners because of the price. The drone retails around $499 which is a great starting point for those on a budget and looking to start with a reliable drone. you will notice, however, that it does not shoot 4K video. It does come with a 2.7K video which is good enough for most people and the feed is 720p.

That brings us to The Phantom 3 4K. you guessed it! this drone is the cheapest drone that is capable of shooting 4K. It comes with all the features the Standard has plus a much more advanced controller and has vision positioning. It is a step up from the standard in may ways but i feel there are still some things it lacks that the two higher models offer.

The Phantom 3 Advanced – So the Advanced model has the same features as the 4K… without the 4K… why the heck would you buy this model over the 4K??? one word, Lightbridge. The Advanced model out-performs the 4K in range, reliability, and video streaming by a long shot because of lightbridge which is a technology used to get much more reliable video and control signal.

Last, but definitely not least – The Phantom 3 Professional. Like the Phantom 3 Advanced, the Phantom 3 Professional uses Lightbridge, has the better GPS, the higher quality 720p video feed, AND it also shoots in 4K. The only other difference is that it comes with a larger 100W charger which charges in less than an hour, compared to one hour and twenty minutes with the other models. The best part about the Phantom 3 series is that you can choose your weapon of choice based off of your preference.

3 – DJI Inspire 1 

Let me just say that there is only 2 reasons why the Inspire doesn’t top this list. First off, The DJI Inspire 1 is one of the most beautifully designed and crafted drones i have ever seen. The term “shut up and take my money” is the perfect way to describe this drone. It comes standard with all the capabilities of the top 2 AND MORE! it is more stable, has better quality and shoots better more stable footage. It comes with a 4K camera on a 360 degree panning gimbal, which means that you can control the motion of the camera completely independently. Overall, its just better… So why is it not number 1?

Well… for one, it costs more than the top 2 combined… although, it is well worth the investment to get the Inspire 1, you can’t deny the price difference. and (2) it is not something i would recommend for starters or novice pilots. It is stable and very VERY fun to fly (iv’e only gotten the opportunity to fly it once and it was flawless from take-off to landing) but for those just starting off, it could be a lot to handle. It is perfect for dual pilot operation in pretty much any wind conditions but it is definitely not “my first drone” material.

Other than that… i think it is the best drone out there, and dont get me wrong, im not saying that it is difficult to operate at all and if you have an opportunity to invest in one, then i am all for it and quite frankly…. jealous.


As a thank you for spending the time to read my review, below is a link to post production presets to help take your video production to new heights!